Shower Flow Control

NRG Savers LLC presents the system that will save on your energy bills which means money saved each month.  Its your opportunity to be in control of your energy usage. Select the kit that is right for you and place your order. Large quantity discounts will be given please reply by e-mail for a quote


The  flow rates of the shower Flow Controls Above are: 1.5gpm, 1.75gpm, 2.0gpm, 2.5gpm

SALE!  20watt Compact Fluorescent Spiral for; $3.10/each call or e-mail for details. Sold in case quantity.

Order Adapters For Non-Standard Faucets are available also.  Adapter Guide


Aerator Guide



Shower Control Valve on/off

Soak and Soap on/off Shower Control Valve  $3.75/each 

Be in control of your water usage with the Shower Flow Control Valve ON/OFF Soak and Soap Button. 

Controls the flow rate of your existing showerhead without replacing it. 

It connects to the shower arm before the showerhead and is small enough to be somewhat un-noticeable. GPM = Gallons per minute.

  Now you can adjust your water usage and save money on your utility bills.



The Hidden Aerator threads directly ( and disappears) into the faucet spout, making it vandal proof by design. Removal and installation is easy with the Cache® Key. The average cost is $3.85 and the flow rates are from: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.2gpm. We have the aerators available Contact Us

  The Cache® key used to remove or replace the aerator.

The Delta and Moen Kit includes ring, key and washer for $2.00

Moen Kit -    Delta Kit -

  Aerator Wrench -for removing faucet aerators the easy way.  NSKY7 at: $3.10/each   

      Vandal Proof Aerator Remover (one hand removal) : NSKY4 at: $3.10/each

 Dual Flow Kitchen Aerator

Water saving 0.5gpm spray default position and converts to 2.2gpm stream when pulled down. Will default back to 0.5gpm when faucet is shut off. Only $3.25 



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